Thomas Jefferson High School

TJ High School3950 S. Holly St.
Denver, CO  80237
* Principal: Suzanne Morris-Sherer
* Grades 9-12
* Student Population: 1,061
* Mascot: Spartans
* Big Brain Club School Partner since 2014



Some highlights and milestones from TJ:

* The Center for Communication Technology (CCT) is a four-year, comprehensive magnet program at Thomas Jefferson High School offering industry-standard training in five unique areas:

  • Communications
  • Web Design
  • 3-D Animation
  • Robotics
  • Software Engineering


* The Robotics Program at TJ/CCT is spectacular. It includes three competitions: one in-class (curriculum-based), and two after-school (club-based). Stay tuned for more about this, as The Big Brain Club has agreed to sponsor one TJ Robotics team for 2014!


Here’s what principal Suzanne Morris-Sherer has to say about being a School Partner:

“So often, kids don’t recognize how cool it is to be a good student. It’s important for our students to know that at TJ, Smart is Cool.”


Visit the TJ website here. Go Spartans!

* * *

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