The Big Brain Fund

IMG_8480 SMALLLike most non-profits, we rely on the support of people just like you to fund our programs. This is especially important for The Big Brain Club, because we don’t charge schools for our services. They appreciate that about us.

With all this in mind, we are excited to launch The Big Brain Fund, our first-ever capital campaign. Please consider making a secure, tax-deductible donation to our foundation. We promise to shower you with affection, and to use your money to help students all over Colorado (and America) get their nerd on.


The Big Brain Fund


What is it?

A $100,000 capital campaign to fund the programs and services of The Big Brain Club.


When is it?

Begins November 2013. Runs through May 2014, or until we reach our goal. Whichever comes first.


How does it work?

We solicit donations through a combination of major corporate gifts, individual donations, and special event(s). No gift is too small . . . or for that matter, too large.


What do these contributions fund?

All donations support Big Brain Club programs, operations, and endowment. If you need more information about what we do and who benefits from our work, here’s a helpful video.

* * *

You can make a donation in under five minutes that will benefit our students and teachers for years to come. Go ahead and give a little. It feels good.