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Soledad Poetry Project in the News!

The Big Brain Club is thrilled to announce our first-ever California school partner: Soledad High School, in Monterey County! The students at Soledad have been working on a Student Publishing project since last fall, and their book will be available in a few short months. What makes this book so unique, however, is that for the first time ever the book is made up entirely of poetry. No short stories, no essays . . . just poetry! Last month, writer Sam Tidwell visited Soledad High School to talk with students... Read More

Be a Better Writer: 4 TED-Ed Videos

“There are three rules for writing a novel,” said W. Somerset Maugham. “Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” Funny guy, that Maugham. And while he’s right that there are no official, absolute rules for writing, there are plenty of helpful guidelines to be found. (We really like Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Good Writing and Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers, among others.) When it comes to visual writing lessons, the folks at TED-Ed have done a magnificent job pulling together some really helpful videos for writers of... Read More

New Student Authors Published!

The Big Brain Club today unveils the finished product from our latest student publishing program: The Big Brain Club at Falcon Bluffs Middle School. This is the latest evolution of our Student Publishing Program, which allows middle school students an opportunity to work with nearby high schoolers in producing a professional, high-quality book of their creative writing. “What these students have accomplished is wildly impressive,” said Big Brain Club founder Dom Testa. “Not just the stellar creative writing of the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, but also the hard work... Read More

WRITING: Be a Rebel (Sort Of)

In many of my writing workshops I am flooded with shortcuts by students. That means that when given the chance to write something creative and interesting, a student will instead write the obvious paragraph, write the obvious dialogue, or write the obvious characteristics of their lead characters. I want you to take just a few moments, quit trying to hurry through your writing, and invest some quality thought into your story. When every other writer wants to make the cat black, why not make your cat a dirty yellow? When... Read More

WRITING: Hot, Hot, Hot!

When I first concocted this exercise, I was on a working vacation in Scottsdale, Arizona. The forecast when I woke up that morning said to expect temperatures to reach 116. Yes, 116 degrees. So how could I not focus on the heat? I immediately thought about a short story idea as I drove into Scottsdale on Highway 87. Before I entered one of the national forests here, I drove through a desert scene that looked like it was out of a movie. My mind began to play with the concept... Read More

WRITING: Mix Up That Sentence Structure!

Always remember that your primary obligation as a writer is to keep your reader from getting bored. You want them to turn the page! Here are a few thoughts on one way to accomplish that… One of the biggest sins that a writer will commit involves sentence structure. What does that mean? In this case, it’s all about the meter, or cadence. Imagine this: You’re reading a story that’s fairly interesting, where the plot and characters are pretty good, and you’re wondering how it will turn out. Then, something goes... Read More