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Horizon Teacher Wins National Award!

Congratulations to Lindsey Blansit, science teacher at Horizon Middle School, for being one of just 25 teachers from the United States and Canada to receive the Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers. The award comes from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and is presented to outstanding K-12 teachers in their first five years of teaching. As a recipient, Ms. Blansit will attend this year’s National Conference on Science Education in Chicago — and true to form, she is already thinking about how that experience will help her... Read More

Teacher Spotlight: Whitney Loughry

One of our first School Partners was Colorado’s Horizon Middle School, who recently named Language Arts teacher Whitney Loughry as their 2013-14 Teacher of the Year. Here’s what Ms. Loughry had to say about her experience as both teacher and student. * * * The Cherry Creek School District has played a key role in many of the most important moments of my life. It was in a Walnut Hills Elementary School classroom that I cemented a deep and enduring love of reading. It was in a Campus Middle School... Read More

Getting the Most from Classroom Technology

Guest Contributor Celine Perea is the Instructional Technology Coach at Horizon Middle School in Aurora, Colo. Q. What is the greatest example of instructional technology used for teaching and learning? There are a lot great instructional technology models out there — and even more that are not. For the purposes of this article, I’ll focus on three delivery modes recently featured in the news. I’ll attempt to make a distinction between each, but often they can blend together . . . not only with each other, but with other modes as... Read More

Calling All Teachers!

Hopefully you’ve noticed that The Big Brain Club has an all-new website, packed with a wide variety of features for students, parents, and educators. Our Student Publishing Program continues to be a big hit, and we’re branching out into new areas of funding and resource development, too. Here’s where you come in: we are actively looking for original content from teachers and other education professionals. This is a great opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with The Big Brain Club community! What We’re Looking For Articles or essays (dealing... Read More

Guest Blog: Ian Fogarty (Part 2)

Ian Fogarty teaches Chemistry, Physics, and Science 12 at Riverview High School in New Brunswick, Canada. He is the two-time recipient of Minister’s Awards for Innovation in Education, the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Education, and the Canadian Association of Physicists’ High School Teacher Award. Follow him on Twitter @ifoggs. The following is the second of two guest blog entries from Mr. Fogarty regarding his time at the 2013 STEM Educator Symposium. Read Part 1 right here. * * * * The real meat of the 2013 STEM Educator... Read More

Why We Should Be Teaching Kids to Code

Guest Contributor Celine Perea is the Instructional Technology Coach at Horizon Middle School in Aurora, Colo. * * * While most kids were busy playing with apps, Nick D’Aloisio was busy developing them. The 17-year-old British entrepreneur sold his popular news-reading app to Yahoo! in March for close to $30 million, and instantly became one of the world’s youngest self-made tech millionaires. In February, Zora Ball presented her new app at the University of Pennsylvania’s Bootstrap Expo. At age 7, was proclaimed the youngest person ever to create an app.... Read More