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Malcolm Mitchell Gets His Nerd On

One of the central themes of The Big Brain Club is that you don’t have to choose between being smart and being cool . . . you can do both. The labels that kids sometimes slap on each other — jock, nerd, etc. — are, at best, interchangeable. In most cases they’re just silly. Take, for instance, Malcolm Mitchell. He’s a star football player at one of the biggest college powerhouses in the country, The University of Georgia. Coming out of Valdosta High School just a few years ago, he... Read More

Big Brain Club, Avs, and DU Team Up to Raise $7k!

The Big Brain Club is very proud to announce that our recent Get Your Nerd On Day with the Colorado Avalanche was a huge success, raising more than $7,000 for our school partner programs! The event drew more than 700 students and parents to the Pepsi Center on March 8. Prior to the Avs’ matinee grudge match with the St. Louis Blues, the University of Denver’s Physics Department provided interactive science experiments, and the Avs’ own “ice guru” Tony Kreusch talked with Big Brain Clubbers about the physics of ice... Read More

The Science of Snowboarding

With the 2014 Olympic Winter Games approaching, we’ll all soon be marveling at the raw skill and ability of athletes from all over the world — and asking ourselves, How do they do that? But a new video series produced by NBC and the National Science Foundation helps remind us that it’s not just about the skill and ability of the athletes. Science and engineering also play a huge role. Check out this video featuring Shaun White, arguably the greatest snowboarder in the world. Notice that when discussing the factors... Read More