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MATH: Beautiful Equations

Sometimes math gets a bad rap. People see the form and the function, they see a bunch of numbers and squiggly lines, but they don’t necessarily see the poetry of it all. It’s a good thing, then, that our friends at LiveScience have come up with this slideshow of the world’s most beautiful equations. They talked to physicists, astronomers, and mathematicians to find out what equations really moved them. Did the Pythagorean Theorem make the cut? How about the theory of relativity? You’ll just have to see for yourself. *... Read More

The Physics of Awesome People

We came across this post on Wired.com, and couldn’t resist sharing. It’s a great example of the convergence between science, pop culture, and an opportunity to learn something new. Start with a popular, mind-blowing viral video. In this case, it’s People are Awesome 2013, which only has about 26 million YouTube views to date. Then, courtesy of the good people at Wired, take a few minutes to learn the physics behind some of what you’ve just seen. There are lessons here on everything from mass to acceleration to inertia. It’s... Read More