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Why We Should Be Teaching Kids to Code

Guest Contributor Celine Perea is the Instructional Technology Coach at Horizon Middle School in Aurora, Colo. * * * While most kids were busy playing with apps, Nick D’Aloisio was busy developing them. The 17-year-old British entrepreneur sold his popular news-reading app to Yahoo! in March for close to $30 million, and instantly became one of the world’s youngest self-made tech millionaires. In February, Zora Ball presented her new app at the University of Pennsylvania’s Bootstrap Expo. At age 7, was proclaimed the youngest person ever to create an app.... Read More

Building a Better Student: Front Row

One of the hats I wear is that of public speaker, which means I’m often looking back at a sea of faces in a crowded room. In the past week alone I’ve been on stage twice, sharing insights and laughs with a few hundred people. It’s interesting to watch people file into an auditorium or assembly hall and choose their seats. The front half of a room is often sparsely populated, while the seats in the back fill up quickly. Few people automatically move toward the front, and nobody, it... Read More