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Books and Rockets: Event Recap

We had a GREAT time at our book fair and rocket launch extravaganza last Saturday. Want proof? Just check out these photos. Huge thanks to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, who brought a trio of mad geniuses to help our guests build (and launch!) some high-tech paper rockets. We’d also like to thank Dr. Andrew Aldrin from United Launch Alliance, who dazzled the audience with a very cool presentation on Mars, the moon, rockets, and the future of space exploration. Please remember that all of these fun shenanigans... Read More

SCIENCE: Space Milestones

Here’s a cool lesson plan involving space, science, and American history. Best for grades 6-8, but suitable for high school students, too. Source: Discovery Education * * * Objectives Students will learn about major events in the history of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). Students will create a visual timeline of the goals, heroes, and outcomes of select missions.   Materials – Newsprint – Paper and markers (for each group) – Internet access – Print resources about NASA’s history and its various programs, from Mercury to the International... Read More