Smart is Cool

Layout 1The most profound effect on education doesn’t happen in the classroom . . . it happens before the child even enters the building.

For decades we’ve watched student achievement scores drop and proficiency levels plummet. Parents demand better results, but often miss the most obvious problem in their child’s education.


Dom Testa has spent more than 20 years working with middle school students, helping them to understand how their mindset affects not only their test scores today, but the abstract future they can’t yet see.

Smart is Cool explores the history of dumbing down, the impact it has on our children and our country, and sets out practical solutions to help turn it around.

When did dumbing down gain traction with kids? Why and how does pop culture fuel the problem? How does personality affect your child’s school experience? Smart is Cool addresses all of this — plus solutions on how to overcome peer pressure, success stories that offer encouragement, and more!

Smart is Cool is now available everywhere, from national outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, to cool independent book stores like The Tattered Cover and The Bookies.

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