Slavens School

Slavens School3000 S. Clayton St
Denver, CO  80210
* Principal: Kurt Siebold
* Assistant Principal: Melissa Hatchett
* Grades K-8 (BBC programs for grades 6-8)
* 603 students
* Mascot: Storm
* Big Brain Club School Partner since 2014


Some highlights and milestones from Slavens:

* On September 6, 2012, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recognized 269 schools as 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools based on their overall academic excellence or for making progress in improving student academic achievement levels. Among them is Slavens, a high-performing school located in Southeast Denver that emphasizes critical thinking skills and is listed as a “Distinguished” school under the school system’s School Performance Framework.

* Slavens is implementing of a cutting-edge STEM Lab for its students, which will: reinforce core subject knowledge through hands-on applied learning; develop critical 21st century skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, collaboration and communication, creativity and innovation, self direction, global awareness, information and media literacy and environmental literacy; and build an enhanced foundation of STEM skills by completing real-world projects in a technology-rich environment.


Here’s what High School Coordinator Brian Weaver has to say about being a School Partner:

“Only the Big Brain Club combines extraordinary community, learning, and mentorship opportunities to students with a message that they will all remember forever . . . that Smart is Cool!”


Visit the Slavens website here. Go Storm!

* * *

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