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A proud middle school student displays a book that features HER creative writing!

A proud middle school student displays a book that features HER creative writing!

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You’ve found your way to a rapidly-growing clearinghouse of awesome projects for students and teachers. Browse below to find fun science projects, cool writing tips, mind-bending math exercises, and so much more.

And remember: the very best projects come from students and teachers just like you. So don’t be shy — share your lesson plans and project ideas with us so that we can share them with the world! (We’ll credit you if you’d like, or you can remain anonymous. It’s totally up to you.)

Our flagship initiative is the Student Publishing Program — check it out to see if your school might be a good fit.

We are also proud to partner with Rocky Mountain PBS, which has a bottomless supply of great education resources for students, teachers, and parents. In particular, we encourage all high school students to check out Matchwits, which celebrates its 29th season by going statewide for the first-time ever!

And here are a few of our most recent project submissions:

WRITING: Here’s a smokin’ hot story prompt to get those creative juices flowing!

LANGUAGE ARTS: It’s a literary scavenger hunt!

MATH: See a slideshow of the world’s most beautiful equations… then find your own!

SCIENCE: An easy experiment… with electricity!

WRITING: The best writers zig where others zag. Here’s a helpful tip for aspiring authors of any age!

SCIENCE: Learn all about some of the most important milestones in the history of space exploration!

WRITING: Repetition is a surefire way to lose your readers. Mix up that sentence structure!


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