Preston Middle School

preston-jr-highThe Preston Snapshot:

4901 Corbett Drive
Fort Collins, CO  80528
* Principal: Scott Nielsen
* Assistant Principals: John Howe and Amy Schmer
* Grades 6-8
* Big Brain Club School Partner since 2010


Some highlights and milestones from Preston:

* The subject of our very first All Access Classroom video.

* Debuted the Collaborative Classroom in 2014.

* Preston published its second Big Brain Club book in 2014.

* Preston was our very first School Partner — and they continue to set the bar very high.

* We published the creative writing of 88 of their students (grades 6-8), donated three iPads to their school, and helped them raise funds for the media center.

* Preston has gone on to win a prestigious national award from Intel.

* They host the innovative Summer STEM Institute each June.

* The Forensics/Debate team earned some serious recognition at their inaugural Congressional Debate.

* See pictures from the Big Brain Club celebration at Preston here.


Preston AuthorsHere’s what principal Scott Nielsen has to say about being a School Partner:

“The Big Brain Club hits the nail on the head! It is important for all of us to work hard and reach for our potential. As adults, we must embrace the message that Smart is Cool, and Dom and his team do a great job of giving this message relevance. We are lucky to have worked so closely with The Big Brain Club.”


Follow Mr. Nielsen on Twitter here.

Follow Mr. Howe on Twitter here.

Follow media specialist extraordinaire Tracey Winey here.

Visit the Preston website here. Go Pumas!

* * *

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