Merrill Middle School

Athletics1551 S. Monroe St.
Denver, CO  80210
* Principal: Amy Bringedahl
* Assistant Principal: Brett Stringer
* Grades 6-8
* 528 students
* Mascot: Jaguars
* Big Brain Club School Partner since 2014


Some highlights and milestones from Merrill:

* Based in metro Denver, Merrill has a diverse international student body comprised of over 30 countries — including representation from every continent except Antarctica. The student population speaks over 25 languages and dialects.

* Community business partnerships with Young Americans Bank, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, University of Denver, and Metropolitan State College.

Katie* Honors courses in all content areas and at all grade levels.

* Diverse selection of enrichment activities, after-school clubs, and mentoring opportunities. Current opportunities include: MESA, NJHS, Mathletics, Tutoring, and Relay Program.

* Strong elective program for all students. Current elective offerings include (at every grade level): Technology, PE, Music (Band, Choir, Guitar), Art, Spanish, and Gifted and Talented enrichment classes.


Here’s what High School Coordinator Brian Weaver has to say about being a School Partner:

“Partnering with the Big Brain Club is one of the finest educational privileges I’ve enjoyed in my 16 years of teaching and leading.”


Visit the Merrill website here. Go Jaguars!

* * *

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