Horizon Middle School

IMG_8480 SMALLThe Horizon Snapshot:

3981 S. Reservoir Road
Aurora, CO  80013

Principal: Nickie Bell

Grades 6-8

Big Brain Club Partner School since 2012


Some highlights and milestones from Horizon:

* A young Horizon science teacher won a prestigious national award.

* Horizon principal Dr. Jeanette Patterson was named 2014 Colorado Middle Level Principal of the Year!

* Horizon’s teacher librarian shared a valuable resource for educators looking to spark some healthy curiosity in their students.

* We published the creative writing of 67 of their students (grades 6-8), and all proceeds from the sales of that book went directly to Horizon.

* We donated a classroom set of iPod Touch devices to their media center.

* Several Big Brain Club student alumni from Horizon went on to win awards for their creative writing. Some BBC teacher participants were recognized, too.

* A science teacher from Horizon spent her summer learning how to be an astronaut, and picking up all sorts of valuable learning opportunities for her classroom.

* Horizon’s instructional technology coach has contributed several posts to The Big Brain Club website. Read about how to get the most out of classroom tech here, and about why we should be teaching kids programming skills here.

* See pictures from the Big Brain Club celebration at Horizon here.

* Visit the Horizon website here.

* * *