Chatfield Senior High School

0908_F3c_HL04_ChatfieldSenior7227 South Simms St.
Littleton, CO  80217
* Grades: 9-12
* Principal: Wendi Rubin
* Big Brain Club School Partner since 2012



Some highlights and milestones from Chatfield:

* Part of our first-ever multi-school program partnership!

ChatfieldStudents* Fifteen students from Chatfield’s National English Honor Society served as editors, mentors, designers, promoters, and entrepreneurs for a publishing project with nearby Falcon Bluffs Middle School.

* The resulting book, The Big Brain Club at Falcon Bluffs Middle School, was published in May 2013. It features the creative writing of more than 60 students in grades 6-8.

* Stay tuned for more updates on this (and other) projects from Chatfield!

* Visit the Chatfield website here.

* * *