Young Filmmakers Workshops 2014

Here’s a cool opportunity for Denver-area students aged 12-18: Denver Film Society’s Young Filmmakers Workshops! Over the course of the summer, students will learn (and refine) the art and practice of film production, work with local film industry professionals, collaborate with other young filmmakers, screen their work at public exhibitions, and develop their own portfolio of work. Denver Film Society // Young Filmmaker Workshops from Denver Film Society on Vimeo. This is a great program for budding #filmnerds, or for anyone with an interest in learning more about the art... Read More

The Science of Snowboarding

With the 2014 Olympic Winter Games approaching, we’ll all soon be marveling at the raw skill and ability of athletes from all over the world — and asking ourselves, How do they do that? But a new video series produced by NBC and the National Science Foundation helps remind us that it’s not just about the skill and ability of the athletes. Science and engineering also play a huge role. Check out this video featuring Shaun White, arguably the greatest snowboarder in the world. Notice that when discussing the factors... Read More

High School Stars to MATCHWITS on TV!

What do you get when you bring smart teens together to compete against one another on television for cool prizes? The answer, of course, is Matchwits! Matchwits is a weekly academic quiz program exclusively for Colorado high school students. The on-air tournament consists of four rounds of increasingly-difficult questions covering subjects like English, history, geography, science, and more. Matchwits is gearing up to start its 29th season on Rocky Mountain PBS in January. Want a little more information? No problem. Here’s a list of participating schools for 2013. Here are... Read More

Books and Brains!

We are excited to announce that The Big Brain Club is once again partnering with Barnes & Noble to raise money for our School Partner programs! From December 8-14, every purchase made with this voucher ? BIG BRAIN HOLIDAY VOUCHER 9-11-2 ? at Barnes & Noble will send proceeds back to The Big Brain Club. The promotion is good at any store (or online at, but you must use the voucher. Otherwise it never happened. We’ll kick things off with a special event for our Denver-area Big Brain Clubbers... Read More

Building a Better Student: Minor Details

As a kid I heard the old adage about how to eat an elephant – the answer is, of course, one bite at a time. From this I was supposed to learn patience and how to manage large tasks, by breaking them up into manageable pieces. Instead, my ten-year-old mind grappled with why I would want to eat a pachyderm in the first place. Tough and chewy, I imagined. Then I heard that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, which, as a kid, made no... Read More

Building a Better Student: Is That Writing?

The middle school writing assembly had gone well, with an energized audience and a fun exchange of ideas. Then a young man raised his hand. “I want to write a comic book? Does that count as writing?” My answer aggravated a few adults in the back of the room. The same issue arose when I spoke at a conference, and a librarian and I agreed to disagree. “That’s art, and it’s cute, but it’s not really writing,” she told the panel. At a book signing last year a young student... Read More

Building a Better Student: Beyond the Diploma (Part 2)

It’s difficult to define success, because to 10 different people it means 10 different things. But if, for the sake of argument, we agree that it’s a conjunction of career triumph and personal happiness, then what ingredients should your student add to the mix in order to increase her chances of achieving success? In part one of this discussion we examined elements that bolster a professional life. Now we move inside the head and the heart. Here are six additional steps to building a better student beyond the diploma. 1)... Read More

Playwriting Workshop and Competition

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) is launching a new playwriting initiative for Colorado high school students in the fall of 2013! The program will begin in late September and will accept one-act play submissions from October 1 through December 1. It is designed to advance and nurture Colorado’s promising young playwrights and developing theatre artists and audiences. “We have seen incredibly creative and provocative material coming from high school students,” said Director of Education, Tam Dalrymple Frye. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we discover the... Read More

New Video for Student Publishing Program!

Within the next few weeks, The Big Brain Club will be selecting our school partners for the 2013-14 Student Publishing Program. If you’re not familiar with it, get more information here. In the meantime, it’s not too late to apply! If you need more convincing, just check out our new video, featuring many of the successful students that have already been published: What are you waiting for? Apply to take part in The Big Brain Club’s Student Publishing Program right now! * * * * You should also see: STEAM... Read More

Building a Better Student: Standardized

A friend of mine writes terrific children’s books, with multiple bestsellers and a loyal fan base. Recently he found himself embroiled in a dispute with an editor who claimed that his latest work contained language “too advanced for the target audience.” My friend pushed back, on the grounds that he’d hosted presentations at schools for years and had a good idea of what vocabulary worked and what didn’t. Here’s another angle to consider: Two kids in the same class can be reading two to three grade levels – or more!... Read More