The Wonderful World of Wonderopolis

As a teacher librarian, I’ve pondered why it is so difficult to teach inquiry to middle schoolers when my three-year-old is constantly chanting, “Why?”

If you’ve experienced this problem, I may have some help. Wonderopolis is a great website to help bring back the natural curiosity and imagination of elementary and middle school students.

Here’s how it works. Each day a new question is explored, such as What is a fish tornado?, or How are viruses and bacteria different?, or How many is a Googol? Students can watch a short video and read to discover the answer. It’s a nice blend of old-world research technique and new-world technology.

Not only can Wonderopolis add informational reading into science, math, and social studies, it also has a read-along feature, glossary of terms, and short quizzes to test comprehension. Students can search past wonders of interest and teachers can search archives by subject or grade level Common Core standards. Have a wonder you want answered? Suggest it today!

→ More: Wonderopolis website and Wonderopolis widget

– This post was submitted by Sarah Pauly, teacher librarian at Horizon Middle School in Aurora, Colo. Got a classroom resource you’d like to share with other educators? Share it with us here!

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