Whole Foods Supports The Big Brain Club!

You know what we really love? I mean besides science and writing and math and robotics and history and books and music and students and teachers and nerds of all kinds?

We really love companies that give back to their community. It’s one of the reasons we’re so proud to be a part of the Food For Thought program, and why our relationships with organizations like the Colorado Avalanche and Barnes & Noble mean so much to us. Lots and lots of companies make money, but not very many companies reinvest that money into their communities. The ones that do are really special and are worth supporting.

Well, go ahead and add Whole Foods to the list. Now through April 12, shoppers at five Denver-area Whole Foods stores have an opportunity to donate their ten-cent bag credit (given to each customer who brings a shopping bag from home) to The Big Brain Club! The participating stores are: Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, Tamarac, Colorado Blvd, and Wash Park.

If you shop at any of these stores, please take a second at checkout to let the cashier know you want your bag credit to support The Big Brain Club. Our programs are low-cost and high-impact, so every little bit helps.


Thanks to Whole Foods for bringing us nutritious and socially-conscious food and wellness products, and for supporting The Big Brain Club (and many other worthy organizations) in the process.

To learn more about Whole Foods work in the community — including The Whole Kids Foundation, The Whole Planet Foundation, and their various in-store programs (like the bag donation and community giving days) — follow me here.

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