Soledad Poetry Project in the News!

The Big Brain Club is thrilled to announce our first-ever California school partner: Soledad High School, in Monterey County!

The students at Soledad have been working on a Student Publishing project since last fall, and their book will be available in a few short months. What makes this book so unique, however, is that for the first time ever the book is made up entirely of poetry. No short stories, no essays . . . just poetry!

Last month, writer Sam Tidwell visited Soledad High School to talk with students about a recent journey he made from his California hometown to New York — on foot. Roberto M. Robledo from The Californian captured the event and details it here.

Congratulations to our Big Brain Club students and teachers at Soledad High School for all their hard work. Stay tuned for more updates, and for their book of poetry, coming soon!

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