New Student Authors Published!

If it seems like there are more young authors walking the streets of Fort Collins these days, it’s not your imagination. In the past week, more than 50 student authors have seen their work in print for the very first time.

Last Friday, The Big Brain Club released the second volume of creative writing from the students at Preston Middle School. The book features original short stories, poems, and essays penned by Preston students.

Each student who was featured in the book received his/her own copy, and another 500 copies were donated to Preston.

All sales of the book will benefit the school directly — a potential $5,000 haul.

Here’s a look at last Friday’s celebration assembly through the eyes of 9News education reporter Nelson Garcia:

This is the latest release as part of the Student Publishing Program, The Big Brain Club’s flagship project. To date, we’ve published nearly 500 first-time student authors and raised tens of thousands of dollars for school libraries and arts programs. The program originated at Preston in 2010, and has since branched out to schools all over Colorado.

Congratulations to the students and teachers at Preston on a job well done!

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