High School Sophomore Develops Cool New Software!

Henry Rogers probably wasn’t the first student to see the need for a more focused, universal method for teachers to share assignments (and other related information) with the kids in their classes. He was just the first one to do something about it.

Henry just wrapped up his sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver. Along the way, he got connected with the Academic Mentorship Program run by an organization called Community Resources. That program hooked him up with Aspenware, a progressive technology company — they build apps and websites and a whole lot more — which provided three mentors who helped Henry begin to solve the problem of teacher-student communication.

Over the course of the entire spring semester, Henry worked with his Aspenware colleagues to develop an application that teachers and students can easily use to track assignments and share information. The Big Brain Club provided funding for Henry’s academic mentorship, and produced this short film to document the process.

Community Resources has been serving the students of Denver Public Schools for more than three decades. Their programs help connect students with people and opportunities which bridge the gap between abstract classroom learning and real-world application. In fact, the best part of Henry’s mentorship experience may be that even though he didn’t finish his ambitious project during the school year, he continues to work on it during the summer!

Many thanks to our friends at Community Resources and Aspenware, as well as Brian Weaver of Denver Public Schools, who nominated Henry for the program and helped facilitate The Big Brain Club’s involvement.

* * *

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