High School GT Students Honored

The following is a guest post submitted by Brian Weaver, High School Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Denver Public Schools. Got a tip on some impressive student achievement? Submit your own post to The Big Brain Club here.

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On December 18, the Student Panel of HGT High School students lent their voices to our pre-service teachers at The University of Denver — the majority of whom are student teaching in DPS schools — about the unique experiences and needs of gifted learners. The results were powerful.

What the students said (and how they said it) were impactful, representative, and reflective of some of the more profound course content during this trimester’s GT Workshop in the Teacher Education Program. As instructors and mediators, Dr. Ellen Honeck and I were moved by the conversations, feedback, and overall capstone experience.

We got to the heart of how important and different the academic, social, and emotional experiences (and subsequent support) of these learners are. In light of all that is swirling around us now and the new year approaching,  I am compelled to submit this photo from the Institute for the Development of Gifted Education at the Morgridge College of Education last night.

We also celebrated Troy Fangmeier’s admission to DU this week, Hatim Badri’s admission to Mines (both were Daniels Fund Scholar semi-finalists), Nate Koch’s novel, and Austin Armstrong’s induction to the Eagle Scouts (also last night).

Congratulations to all on their wonderful achievements!

DU GT Student Panel

Pictured: Brian Weaver, Reilly Torres, Evan Scarborough, Abbie Bardales, Kaitlyn LeBlanc, Nate Koch, Troy Fangmeier, Hatim Badri, Austin Armstrong, Maddy Gawler.

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