The Collaborative Classroom

Our longtime partners at Preston Middle School (Fort Collins, Colo.) are no strangers to innovation. They were our first Student Publishing partner, they are a nationally-recognized Intel School of Distinction¬†and a SMART Showcase School, and they offer several dozen student enrichment programs (ranging from a flight simulator to 3D Design to History of Rock ‘n Roll).

But this year, the teachers and administrators at Preston got really creative when they expanded a single math classroom to include 60 students, 10 SMART Boards, and two full-time teachers.

It’s called the Collaborative Classroom, and in an age when most administrators are trying to find ways to shrink class size, why would anyone go out of their way to do the opposite?

Let the students and teachers explain for themselves:

As usual, Preston is at the forefront of innovative learning practices. Check back soon for an in-depth Q&A with Kathy Samspon and Sue Martino, the teachers leading the Collaborative Classroom movement at Preston!

* * *

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