Big Brain Club Student, Teacher Win Big

Horizon Community Middle School was an early partner of The Big Brain Club. In 2012, with the help of Horizon teachers and staffers, we published the creative writing of more than 60 of their students.

Krista Schneider was one of those students. Her short story, ‘A Dog’s Life’, is a clever adventure tale told entirely from the perspective of a mischievous puppy.

Since that time, Krista has continued to write — and her work is getting noticed. She recently won awards at the Post and District level of the VFW’s annual Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest, and along with fellow Horizon student Leslie Orozco, will go on to compete at the State level as well.

But that’s not all. Celine Perea, the Student Achievement Specialist at Horizon, won the National Citizenship Education Teacher Award. That’s a well-deserved honor, but it’s no surprise to us. Celine was instrumental in the success of The Big Brain Club book at Horizon, and we’ve seen firsthand what an impact she has on her students.

Congratulations to Celine, Krista, Leslie, and fellow Horizon nominee Sana Mian Shehzad! Smart is cool!