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What is The Big Brain Club?

The Big Brain Club is a non-profit organization that helps students become the best version of themselves. Smart is cool!

We provide free programs and resources to students, schools, teachers, and parents. We professionally publish the creative writing of kids in grades 6-12, we donate technology to classrooms, and we provide a clearinghouse of resources for teachers and students interested in getting their nerd on.


Is The Big Brain Club a Registered 501(c)3 charity?

Absolutely! You can find us on the website for the Colorado Secretary of State or through respected watchdog groups.


Does The Big Brain Club Work with Elementary Schools?

Our in-school programs focus exclusively on students in grades 6-12. By concentrating on this critical ‘transition point’ during students’ lives, we impact their trajectory during middle school, high school… and beyond.

However, our online resources, which include writing tips and exercises, stories, and blog posts featuring cool real-world science, are generally suitable for any age.


How Do We Pay for Our Programs?

The Big Brain Club does not charge participating schools for their involvement in our programs, nor do we receive any government funding. We raise money by creating sustainable partnerships with businesses and non- profit organizations, and through the generous philanthropic donations of private individuals with an interest in the future of education.

You can make a tax-deductible donation right here. Every gift helps.


How Can Others Get Involved or Learn More?

There are a wealth of resources all over this site — take a few minutes and look around. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us here.

We also strongly encourage you to connect with us via social media. We constantly share all sorts of fun stuff via Facebook and Twitter. See for yourself:


@BigBrainClub on Twitter


What Else?

  • The Big Brain Club was founded by author and broadcaster Dom Testa (of the award-winning Galahad book series and the bestselling Mindbender books).
  • We are governed by an independent Board of Directors.
  • Our work is consistently featured on local and national TV, on local and national radio, and in print.

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