The Big Brain Club at Preston Middle School!

Dozens of first-time student-authors see their work in print!

Smart is Cool: Building a Better Student Through Attitude

Dom Testa's new book is a must-have for parents

Get Your Nerd On Day

We teamed up with the Avs (and DU Physics Dept) for a fun, interactive event!

Get Your Nerd On!

Welcome to the world of The Big Brain Club.

We are a non-profit organization that provides free programs and resources to students, teachers, schools, and parents. We have professionally published hundreds of first-time student authors. We have donated thousands of dollars in technology to needy classrooms. And now we’re really getting ambitious.

This site is a great tool for finding (and sharing!) cool projects, videos, news, views, resources, special offers, and even funding. It’s also a broadcast platform to share your creative and academic triumphs — we want your stories, videos, awards, and whatever else you’re doing to show the world that smart is cool!

Come on in and get started!

What’s New

BBC at Barnes & Noble!


Over the years, few organizations have been as supportive of The Big Brain Club as Barnes & Noble. They’ve hosted book fairs and public events of all kinds, including our... Read the Rest

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GYNOD: I’m Nerdy About Nutrition!


The Big Brain Club is proud to partner with King Soopers, The Little Clinic, and The University of Colorado to present our latest Get Your Nerd On Day: I’m Nerdy... Read the Rest

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Get a Smart Deal on Dinner at La Sandia!


Beyond our powerful in-school programs and fun-filled Get Your Nerd On Day events, one of The Big Brain Club’s most popular offerings has been the Food For Thought program. If... Read the Rest

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Student Spotlight: Emma Eagen


Mark Twain once said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Big Brain Club student Emma Eagen is one of those special people... Read the Rest

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